Meet the Cast – Michael Robins

Michael Robins
Randle McMurphy

Inspired by the Rocky trilogy and Sylvester Stallone,  Michael’s love of acting and film was sparked at an early age, but didn’t translate until he was over 30 and decided to pursue his childhood 80’s action passion. Since graduating 16th Street Actors Studio in 2012, Michael has appeared as Dad in The Dreamer Examines His Pillow (Doppelgänger), Edward in Spike Heels (Q44 & Crazy Chair Productions), Fish in Cherry Smoke (Sol III Prouctions) and Ansel in Killer Joe (Black Water Theatre Productions). Michael has written and starred in various films including recent Tropfest top 50 short film   “Hair” (Camerella). Michael is also a practicing lawyer and does other stuff as well, some impressive, some not so (He can squat over 200 kilos).

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